EP003E-EasyPass Esthetician “PC Software” for the Written Exam (Download)


Our EasyPass software (App) is our most “powerful solution” for preparing for the written part of your State Board Exam.  It is designed for those who want an “extreme” edge in preparing for their written test.  It must be installed and run on a PC (EasyPass software does not run on a Mac nor Chromebook).

The software is delivered to you via a download link. Once downloaded, run the setup.exe program within the zip file.

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Know little to nothing about computers?  No problem!!!  Our EasyPass software programs all have a user–friendly interface that makes it easy to use. Point your mouse at where you want to go or at the command you want to launch and press your mouse activation button (usually left button) once. It’s that easy! In fact, our practice test interface will help you develop the basic computer skills needed to take the actual written exam.

To give you a better feel for what our software programs offer you, we describe EasyPass Esthetician™ PC Software below:

  1. You will find over hundreds of questions, broken into key topics, to challenge you and increase your knowledge
  2. Need more review on basic Anatomy and Basic Science (areas most students struggle with and do poorly on the exam with)?  EasyPass Esthetician™ has special sections on skin, cells, and basic science (chemistry, electricity, electrotherapy, and color).
  3. Each knowledge topic is broken into pages of ten question increments. We have learned through past training experience with other software training programs that ten question increments is the best way to learn information through practice.
  4. You will find an option to rate your knowledge level for each question (Low, Med, or High) you come across. Flag the questions according to your knowledge level and comfort zone. There is a section called Knowledge Base Challenge found on the Main Menu that you can later go to and use filter options to see your flagged questions and further increase your knowledge through two easy to use challenges.
  5. You can tackle each topic entirely in one swoop or piece meal it, doing one page at a time. You can even do a little in one topic then move on to another topic, coming back later to the previous topic. If you need to leave the program and come back later, go for it! Unlike the other State Board Esthetician written exam preparation programs out there, in our program you will not lose the work you did if you exit the program.  EasyPass Esthetician‘s built-in database stores your answers. 
  6. There are eight plus Practice Tests which allow you to build “true” test taking skills. Each test has 100 questions taken from the different topics, displaying one question at a time sim ilar to State Board. You have one hour to complete each practice test, even though State Board will give you 120 minutes (2 hours) to answer 100 questions. If you can get the test routine down under one hour with 100 questions, than taking the real test under 2 hours should be a breeze.
  7. Need to purchase a kit to insure you have all the items required to take the practical part of your State Board exam? EasyPass Esthetician™ will tell you how to go about purchasing a kit.
  8. You can track all those important items for test day. We know how hectic test day can be for you. Thus, we have added in EasyPass Esthetician™ a Test Check List option that can be electronically filled in and printed. Within this check list are the keys items for you to take care of before test day. There is even a section for you to type in any special note, comment, or reminder.

Minimum Computer Requirements To Run EasyPass Software:

*Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (Does not run on a Mac nor Chromebook)
*Internet connection to download installation program
*15 MB Free Disk Space

*2 GB RAM or greater
*1024 X 768 screen resolution or greater recommended

Note: You will need to activate the program once installed via Internet, Email, or phone to get your Product Key

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