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Rapid and interrupted current, flowing first in one direction and then in the opposite direction, changing directions sixty times per secondAC
Unit that measures the strength of an electric current (the number of electrons flowing through a wire)Amp
Breaker switch that automatically interrupts or shuts off an electric circuit at the first indication of overloadCircuit
Constant, even-flowing current that travels in one directionDC
Flow of electricity along a conductorCurrent
The movement of particles around an atom that creates pure energyElectricity
Special device that prevents excessive current from passing through a circuitFuse
A material that does not transmit electricity easilyInsulator
One-thousandth of an ampereMilliampere
Unit that measures the resistance of an electric currentOhm
The part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be seen with the naked eyeVisible
Unit that measures how much electric energy is being used in one secondWatt
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